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Brian Petersen - Our Recruiting Team

Brian Petersen
President & Owner

Email: bp@mriflagstaff.com
Tel: 866-452-7040 x4

I started this company back in 1999 and the first placement I ever got was with a K12 EdTech company and since then we have been 100% dedicated to the educational marketplace: K12, HiEd, eLearning and Library markets. I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise since my father was a college professor at NAU, my mother ran a technology lab for a local middle school, my sister is an Assistant Superintendent in the Phoenix-metro area and my brother works for the AZ Dept of Ed – education is in my veins.

I am passionate about helping companies find the right person for their openings and also assisting candidates in finding the right organization to establish a career and not just have another job. I am firmly committed to doing the right thing for you because I plan on being in this business for many years to come, so I keep a long-term perspective in all that I do. A deal is great, but not at the cost of our relationship or my integrity.

Outside of work – I love spending time with my family (wife and 2 boys) and volunteering with my church and YoungLife. I have been known to like endurance sports, such as cycling (mountain and road), trail running, triathlons, skiing and backpacking. I thrive on competition, both in business and in athletics – yes to win, but more importantly to push myself beyond what I feel that I can normally do and be the best that I can.