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Niki Ralston - Our Recruting Team

Niki Ralston
Senior Project Manager

Email: nf@mriflagstaff.com
Tel: 866-452-7040 x3

I began this incredible journey with MRI Flagstaff in 2007 and am passionate about what I do. I am able to match the greatest talent and greatest abilities and skills to a company that values, encourages and motivates their employees to succeed while providing top of the line customer service and the best products and services available.

As a Project Manager, I am able to match the best candidates and companies together, by communicating and working directly with the candidate and the company. This allows me to ensure a smooth process from start to finish for all aspects of the process and the BEST possible match between a candidates needs and wants and the companies needs and wants. I am the ultimate liaison, connecting exceptional employees to exceptional companies. I love building and growing relationships with every person I speak to. I love listening to your story and helping to guide you on your journey, to help create the most memorable successful and positive career journey.

Niki Ralston at MRI of Flagstaff is a great recruiter. Niki is an extremely ethical, honest and straightforward person, and that is all-important when you have someone working to find the best match for you and for your career. She is a great resource for all aspects of a job search, and is always timely and informative in her communication to me. Niki is a great listener and truly pays attention to the details. I have not hesitated to refer a number of people to Niki. Working with Niki as I have, I have no doubt she has my best interests at heart. Frankly, I will not use anyone else.

M.O. (Candidate)

Prior to joining the recruiting industry, my career has included roles in educating, consulting, selling and supervising. I spent several years working for a major bank offering advice, suggestions and assistance from opening an account, to investing, to business accounts and multiple types of loans. For over 8 years, I excelled as a small business expert by educating and offering a variety of tools, skills and products that would allow small businesses to succeed. I developed, trained and supervised persons of all levels in the organization from new hire to management.

I love working in the educational market because I know what a difference I can make and I am able to help facilitate productive change in people's lives, for their families and to further their career aspirations, while positively impacting the future of our children.

I have 3 amazing children; Jayson, Jasmine and Ashlyn and an incredible husband; Carson. We live in a small town in Arizona with our 2 dogs and as a family, we love to hike, fish, camp and garden and are blessed by having all of the adventures available in our backyard! I love spending time with family and trying new healthy recipes using home grown fruits and vegetables in the summer.