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Venessa McCallie - Our Recruiting Team

Venessa McCallie
Internet Researcher

Email: vm@mriflagstaff.com
Tel: 866-452-7040

Joining the MRI Flagstaff team in 2016 as an Internet Researcher has given me the opportunity to make sure our office has the technology, tools and information needed to do our job for our clients and candidates as efficiently as possible.

Because I fell in love with this team and see their vision and passion for recruiting and the education industry, it has created an excitement in me knowing we are affecting lives for good in an industry which genuinely values the betterment of education.

I thoroughly enjoy helping others reach their full potential, and here at MRI Flagstaff, I have the perfect opportunity to do just that. Every day looks a little different, but it’s always fun, and always challenging. Everyone on the team has an area of expertise, so there’s always a chance to feel needed and to make a difference.

My background includes time spent as a Project Manager, Team Lead for web support at a university, and Director of Operations for a university. All those experiences have been priceless. I’ve learned how to lead, how to manage resources and time, and how to support those around me and work as part of a team. I’ve also had a learning curve with each new opportunity, and the most valuable lessons of them all have been these:

  1. If I don’t know it, I can learn it. You can figure anything out. Unless it’s quantum physics. Leave that to the experts.
  2. People are always generous with what they know. This is how you learn it. Ask them. They want to help you succeed.

Success breeds success, so my expertise and efforts to help my team allows them to provide our clients and candidates with the best possible attention and service possible; contributing to overall success for everyone!

My husband and I have lived in Flagstaff for almost a decade. We have a daughter and two sons that love to camp and hike and be outdoors, and there are few places better suited for that than Flagstaff, Arizona. We enjoy being engaged in our community, and try to take advantage of all the opportunities that a mountain college town provides.