Search Approach and Process

Our Process

We have one thing in mind, to consistently deliver to you the top 20% of candidates – the kind who make a real impact on your business – who are right for your position and your company. Our methods focus on delivering effective and optimum results for clients and candidates.

We are recruiters who are skilled professionals, and only focused on the educational market; therefore, we can utilize a customized sequence of steps based on your company's unique hiring needs and objectives.

Below is a summary of the types of activities, tailored to meet your needs, we may include in the process:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development
  • Position profile development and compatibility assessment
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation
  • Hiring manager interviewing skills training
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs
  • Confidential reference checks
  • Counter-offer consulting
  • Offer preparation and closing
  • Client and new hire follow-up